Medicine Buddha Practice

Aloha to all,

I want to share something with you that I hope you both enjoy, treasure and that somehow uplifts your view of the interconnectedness of the world. It’s a way to engage, day by day, moment by moment, in how we can serve and help in the present epidemic.

First, I hope everyone is safe and well in this challenging time of dis-ease. Like many of you, I’ve been thinking of any way I could help, contribute something helpful for the painful time we’re going through. Well, after a meditation session, I got the ‘message from god’, as they said in the Blues Brother’s movie, that I could share the Medicine Buddha practice with you. Basically, Medicine Buddha is a super charged prayer practice that’s very simple and short. You can sing or repeat the chant/prayer, as your heart opens to suffering throughout the day. It gives you some instant way of addressing and contributing a healing prayer to the pain, death, uncertainty of the dis-ease we’re facing.

I’ve been doing this practice for 35 years. For those of you I know through Windhorse Healthcare, this is the prayer I was repeating in my head while I worked on you. Medicine Buddha is an enlightened being who made a vow to help all beings with their dis-ease; for individuals, for countries, and for the world. Think of the overwhelming kindness of the altruistic lineage of healers, Doctors, shamans, researchers, nurses, inventors, all the health care practitioners who have carried the simple wish of wanting to alleviate the suffering of others. Medicine Buddha represents all those care givers throughout history. It’s said we all have a Medicine Buddha within us. Fundamentally, you pray, say an ancient chant to this angel, this healing archetype, to relieve whoever and whatever you focus on for healing.

I’m going to cover the background practices for Medicine Buddha practice in 3 short videos: Resting in Your Innate Health, Acknowledging our Lineage of Awakened Heart, and Radiating Healing for all Beings and the Planet. Then I’ll guide the practice itself on the 4th video. The practice liturgy is in the pdf download link above the YouTube videos and visual aids which you may want to download and print.

If you think Medicine Buddha practice is not your cup of tea, I still hope you might watch the short presence practice guidance called Resting in Your Innate Health.

If you wish to download either of the Medicine Buddha pictures on the page just right-click and save.

To download the a readable PDF version of the Medicine Buddha practice CLICK HERE.